I need help with my books!

Plan your next move with the Keller Group, PA.

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • Did you recently lose a staff member that was helping you maintain your accounting system?
  • Have you ever been unprepared for just how much taxes you owed at year-end?
  • Are you not receiving timely financial reports and advice from your current provider?
  • Do you need the help of business people to understand and improve the performance of your business?
  • Have you ever thought - If I could only just focus on my business rather than losing sleep over the state of my finances!

If so, you have come to the right place.

It's not rocket science...is it?

For many small businesses, having adequate books and records is perceived to be a simple task and it should be sourced to the lowest cost provider, or maybe even done by the owner.  We believe this is just fine for many small businesses, especially those with no employees.  But, as you grow, this might not be such an easy task.

If you are experiencing growth and taking on employees, or are already there, we would encourage you to think about the lifetime cost of the decisions you make.  We often encounter situations where it ends up costing our clients more to clean up the problem than if they had hired a competent professional right from the beginning.  Below are just a handful of scenarios that are prone to happen to those with poor books and records:

  • Overpaying tax
  • Underpaying tax and subjecting yourself to penalties and interest if audited
  • Missed payroll tax deposits resulting in penalties and interest
  • Bounced checks and the fees that go with them
  • Being forced to maintain excess balances on a line of credit because you don't know where you stand

On top of all of that, dealing with these issues drains your time as an owner to focus on your customers!

The fact is, you are reading this page for a reason and we have helped many other companies facing similar situations.

How long does all of this take?

We cannot always wait a couple of months to get the books in order.  There are a number of reasons beyond just managing your business where you must have proper financial statements.  We encounter this when clients are :

  • Seeking a loan from a bank - The bank will want to see how your business is doing.
  • Applying for licenses - Certain regulated industries may require compiled, reviewed or even audited financial statements prepared by a certified public accountant.
  • Preparing for a tax audit - Unfortunately, it happens, so it's best to be prepared well ahead of time.
  • Understanding Tax Consequences - Have you ever had a tax surprise when you went to sign your returns?

At the Keller Group, PA, we focus on rapidly responding to your needs.  In many cases, we can have the books and records under control within just a few weeks.

Why the Keller Group?

Serving the accounting needs of small and medium size businesses is at the heart of what we do everyday and we believe we can unlock exceptional value for your company.

Experienced in Business - We have been in your shoes.  We have experience as managers and owners of small businesses all the way up to global divisions of multi-national companies. 

Staffing - First of all, it is our goal to be staffed at levels that allow us to start working with you immediately.

We've got your back - Nearly every job in our office can be done by someone else in the office.  We relentlessly cross-train so we are able to provide seamless service.

We will come to you - Sometimes, it just isn't enough to  sit in our office and tell us your problems.  We can come to your location, get to know the people, understand your processes and identify opportunities.

Strategy Oriented - You may want someone just to keep the books, and there is nothing wrong with that.  But, we would love to get to understand your business goals so we can help you achieve them.

Judgment Free Zone - Mistakes happen.  Just because you may feel some embarrassment from letting things fall behind, doesn't mean you should ignore it and hope it goes away.  The reason we get out of bed in the morning is to help our clients remove that stress.